airfree, a unique technology,
allowing seamless e-commerce experience inflight.

airfree is a digital marketplace dedicated to inflight. It reinvents the Duty Free purchase model by meeting consumer's ground expectations into the air.

By offering independent marketplace model in the Duty Free industry, airfree creates opportunity for value creation for each stakeholder of the flying experience.

Our promise

Create a seamless online shopping experience during the flight

Browse over 5 000 products and favorite brands on your personal device during the flight time

Purchase at Duty Free prices

Click & collect your purchases right after landing


Marketplace: The digital future of Duty Free

A digital Marketplace is a virtual space acting as trusted third party, where customers and sellers meets to carry out transactions involving goods and/or services.

By aggregating a community of reliable and high quality sellers, the marketplace model meets today’s empowered customers demand. By emancipating themselves to a large extend from current e-commerce constraints, marketplaces are taking increasing market share in the e-commerce industry. Amazon, Uber, Best Buy, Airbnb, Fnac are great example of marketplace model success.

Air Duty Free business remains in 2017 almost exclusively brick & mortar, whereas digital has become in the last 15 years a major and still growing channel in all B2C product and services distribution.

Technology, preventing retailers to propose convenient e-commerce experience during eligible Duty Free time and the highly fragmented customer journey between airport transit and inflight time, are probably the two main reasons for this situation.

At airfree, we believe that Marketplace is a truly game-changer in the Duty Free industry and will gradually become the central element of all digital transformation strategies. Removing the roadblocks that are keeping airlines and retailers from maximizing the potential of highly qualified and available audience during international flights is our mission.

Value proposition

For airlines
For Duty Free retailers
For brands

Advanced and innovative customer experience

Internet connectivity inflight can be unstable and slow, while expensive for the airline; airfree offers pioneering technology for best-in-class customer experience with minimal satellite bandwidth use.

airfree takes care of marketplace implementation, maintenance, content animation and personalization as well as CRM activities, without effort, leaving the airline taking only benefits provided to passenger.

Develop ancillary revenues

airfree innovative shopping experience advantageously adds on incremental revenue to the existing Duty Free business, without all the inconveniences costs / weight / staff.

Wide offer of multiple Duty Free retailers with global footprint

airfree marketplace allows fast and easy Duty Free retailer integration to provide rich content on any destination. Airline gets immediate benefit without any integration, IT set-up, nor commercial approach.

One-time integration

airfree connects various airlines to a single destination, multiplying retail opportunity with a wider audience.

Offer exposure to qualified and targeted passengers

Billions of international travelers walk through airports every year, but only a fraction get into the Duty Free shops. airfree extends match opportunity throughout the integrality of the traveler’s journey, engaging them in a personalized manner.

Effortless incremental revenues

airfree, with straightforward operations, unleashes the flight time potential whilst guaranteeing the implementation of sales activation plans in line with ground agenda, on content, offers, prices and promotions.

Full control

airfree offers Brands the complete management of their e-retail environment by using of their solution, securing global brand consistency with no change in any route to market operations.

Rich content

The flight time, an unexploited moment of comfort and availability, is a highly qualitative opportunity to convey brand’s message to a qualified audience in an innovative digital manner.

Unique bespoke customer relationship management

airfree CRM capabilities permits tailor made interaction with an identified customer base.


Three founders with an in-depth market knowledge and strong track record in building efficient digital technology.

Valéry Méary

Business Development Leader

Étienne de Verdelhan

Digital and Technology Leader

Agnès Debains

Marketing Leader